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The Labyrinth of Souls

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• Light fantasy violence • Nightmare Creatures • Non-violent loss of a parent

Coming Feb, 2025

Magical school meets a darkly charming world of nightmares in the vein of The Nightmare Before Christmas

In the kingdom of Spinar, there are seven rules for safeguarding your soul from the Sorrows. The most important among them: never, ever enter the Labyrinth of Souls.


Twelve-year-old Ix Tatterfall has a secret. Not only can she see the Nightmare creatures that seep out from the Between World, but she’s also been inside the forbidden Labyrinth, searching for her father’s missing soul.


When the Nightmare-fighting guard known as the Candle Corps come for Ix’s father, her only chance to save him is to join the elite Candle Corps Academy. But Ix Tatterfall is in way over her head. She can’t seem to fit in anywhere, her powers keep backfiring, and her roommate is the hot-tempered Morrigan Bea—who might just be a monster to boot!


Ancient evil has begun to stir from the depths and the key to saving everyone—even her father—lies somewhere in the heart of the ever-shifting Labyrinth of Souls—if only Ix could find it!

Magic, mayhem, castle cats, whimsical nightmares, and an LGBT+ friendly world ❤

Deal Announcement

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