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The Cursed Rose (The Bone Spindle Book #3)

The Cursed Rose cover Lower-Res copy.png

• Fantasy violence • Weapons • Past abusive / manipulative relationship • Abusive parent figure • Offscreen / remembered death of a wolf (SPOILER: Not Cinzel!)

Coming Feb 06, 2024

In this epic conclusion to The Bone Spindle trilogy, secrets are unburied, destines topple, and Fi and Shane’s friendship faces the ultimate test.

Fi is caught in the Spindle Witch’s ever-tightening web. Her only hope lies in decoding the ancient riddle of the Rose Witches before she loses Briar Rose forever. 


Shane is on the hunt for the last clues left by the mysterious Lord of the Butterflies. With a few Witches at her back and her trusty ax at her side, she’ll face down any enemy to save her partner and all of Andar.


Red has turned her back on the Spindle Witch. But she’s haunted by what she left behind in the Forest of Thorns, and she’ll have to face the ghosts of her past before she can truly give her heart to Shane. 


The future of Andar lies in uncovering the secrets of its past. Fi and Shane must take on the greatest lost ruin of them all—the Tomb of Queen Aurora. Unexpected alliances, magic-filled battles, and heart-pounding romance. It all ends where it began: in the

heart of the Forest of Thorns with a desperate battle to defeat the Spindle Witch once

and for all.

Be sure to check out book one: The Bone Spindle & book two: The Severed Thread!

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2 Character couple art cards

1 Chibi Cinzel the wolf sticker

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