Book News!!! \( ^▽^ )/ ❤ ❤ ❤

I'm so excited to be sharing this! My YA fairytale retelling THE BONE SPINDLE will be coming out from Penguin / Putnam! My kickass girl treasure hunters will slay in print!

It was a real journey getting here. About three years ago, I started this book - I always hoped that I'd get to share it with everyone (and someday put it on my own bookshelf)!! I can't wait to pass it around to all of my early supporters, including my grandmother and the wonderful woman in her Stitch-n-Bitch club who wrote me my very first fan letter!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here—my family, my agents, and my fab new editor. And especially my partner Michelle Dotter, who is the person who made my dreams come true ❤

You can find the official announcement on the Publisher's Weekly page here.